Sunday, April 3, 2011

Go on...treat yourself...

This was the message I got from an Angels oracle card I pulled this morning (I'm sure I've mentioned how much I love them!)...

'When you take care of yourself, everybody benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat today, such as a massage, sea salt bath, or pedicure."

And I thought - you know what, I will!

I've never had a pedicure before, so that jumped right out at me. And I'd also been thinking of getting one the last couple of days because I'd realised that for the first time in a long time, my feet were actually in a fit state to get one!

So this seemed like a bit of validation really.

I booked in and off I went...but not after feeling awfully guilty...should I be spending $30 on someone painting my toenails...and yes I rang Nathan to essentially get permission!!!

Well I'm really glad that I did go, because now my feet look and feel beeeeeeee-autiful! 

And it ended up being only $25 - bargain!

I've just realised that I got to tick all 3 of the relaxing boxes mentioned on the card, because I got to sit in a massage chair, with my feet in a foot spa while being pedicured...aaaahhhhhh.

This is definitely a lesson for me - I'm so happy to spend money on Nathan, it doesn't matter what it's for. But for me - it can't be a 'waste' of money.

And for some reason, spending money on treating myself to a pedicure had fallen into that category. Ha!

I think this falls nicely under one of my umbrella lessons at the moment (ok, so maybe that makes it a current subject!), that I need to learn how to put myself first.

If I don't - who else will?!

And that doesn't mean being selfish, as in doing anything at the expense of others.

It just simply means that I'm the only person who knows how I feel, and whether something feels good or bad to me.

Of late, I've been running with the crowd a bit, getting swept up in how others approach their life. And you know what - just it doesn't work so well!

So this week - I give myself permission to be me...
  • To put myself first
  • To do what feels right to me
  • To eat and drink what's best for my body
  • To rest when I need to
  • To go to bed at 9.30 and get up at 5 (I know, I didn't used to know 5 existed!)
  • To do yoga daily
  • To be creative at home and at work
And I release the need to please others and put pressure on myself to be more...and do more...but that's another blog entirely!

Until next time - think of one treat you can give yourself this week...even if it's as simple as not doing anything one night.

And in case you need someone else to tell you it's ok - I hereby give you permission!

Check out my pretty pink tootsies...not quite foot model material, but good enough for me!!

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