Friday, September 21, 2012

What would Louise do?

Last week I had a great coaching session with the lovely Kath Newland at New You Coaching.

I walked in there curious to see where it would take me, because I figured I'm pretty happy with my life at the moment!

Anyway, in chatting to Kath, I said that while yes I am happy with how life is progressing, I guess I am missing a piece of the puzzle...


I'm definitely enjoying the work I'm doing. I love that it's not full-time (ha ha!), its flexible and fits around my life and I can do it from my own home. I really like being able to help others by using my writing powers for good and I love the different people I'm meeting. Some of their products and skills are incredible and I'm stoked I now know about them!

And I'm feeling rather content with my personal life.

With the perfect bloke by my side for 10 years, an awesome bunch of family and friends, great health, a funny little pooch to hang out with each day and a little one to welcome into our family in less than 3 months time.


But what it's time for me to include again is more of what lights me up inside.

And part of that is getting a few different ideas underway and putting the wheels in motion to start a new business that's more geared around what inspires me...ooohhhh...but more on that later!!

When Kath asked what's holding me back, all I could really come up with was just starting!

So in amongst a bunch of great ideas and strategies, one question Kath asked me was who could I model my actions on?

Who could inspire me?

Instant though - Louise Hay!

She's built her empire in the mind-body/new age arena, but not solely for financial gain - because she's passionate about helping others.

So Kath then suggested if I'm thinking about something to do with my new business (or life in general I guess) I could ask myself...

What would Louise do?

I was able to apply it instantly and get results - it lifted me out of my own head and helped me see life from a different perspective.

And I realised that I've also got a bunch of great examples around me that I can use for 'What'

There's Tania at BizEez.

Tania's grown a part-time project into a thriving business doing what she loves..and it only keeps getting bigger for her!

There's my soul sister Kylie.

She hosts Wellbeing Workshops each Friday to introduce the 5 year olds at her school to meditation, yoga and affirmations - I love how open and confident she is about sharing her passions!

There's my Grandma and Nanna. 

Grandma kept it simple and said thank you many, many times a day for everything in her life...and my Nanna was an expert at making lemonade out of life's lemons and always figured that there was someone worse off than herself (keeps life in perspective!).

Not to mention my family.

My fabulous husband and the McEachen 5 all live by do what makes you happy.

And I know if I thought about it - there'd be excellent models scattered all throughout my life!

It's been a great week since meeting Kath, because it's gotten me recharged about following my passions and life purpose.

And most importantly, doing that by just starting to bring it back into my life a little bit at a time.

I'm going to print this photo of Louise & I out and stick it on my wall to remind me to ask myself when I need a bit of help to move forward...

What would Louise do?

So now the question help you move forward with something in your life, or just to put a different slant on things...

Who can be your model?

Friday, September 14, 2012 this thing on?

Well hello there and yes it has been quite some time since you've seen this little blog in action!

7 months and change, and it feels nice to be back on the blogging bus. But boy does my life look a bit different to what it did back in February!

So without further adieu, here's a quick wrap up of my life at the moment...

I'm 27 weeks pregnant!

This is definitely the biggest and most obvious change to my life this year. And one I'm super excited about! Our little beebee is due 12/12/12 and yep, we're hoping its got a sense of occasion and comes out on that day - talk about a cracker birthdate!!

It was a good few years in the making (we definitely didn't fall into the category of Nathan only having to look at me and I'd be up the duff!) but that's a-whole-nother story I'll get to in the coming weeks.

Being pregnant has taught me plenty of things...but best of all, it's been a fabulous journey for me which I've absolutely loved, and I've felt fantastic the whole way along.

We have a pooch!

Not long after I wrote the last blog, we fell for a little Kelpie X with funny little ears at our local petshop...and decided to make Lola part of the McCliffy family.

Well that definitely had its lowpoints at the start, but it rocks now and we love our little pupster!

I now run my own successful business from the comfort of my own home

And how. Giving up full-time work and becoming my own boss was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

I get to use my writing powers for good for a variety of people, do it when I want to and add to our bank account - noice!

Ah, but I know what you're thinking...that's all great Jess, but what have you learnt this year? Plenty!


This has been one of the key parts of my year this year - simplifying my life. As you know, I used to have lots of ideas and plans flying about, and liked to fill my time with a myriad of stuff.

Well this year, I've been doing the opposite! Deciding to leave full-time work was the first part, and it was all about getting my life and health in better balance.

And just quietly - once I became pregnant, I didn't have a great deal of choice but to do less! I found out that there would be days that I'd just need to lie on the couch for 3 or 4 hours because I was pooped...because you know, my body was doing an absolute world of stuff!

That and my brain just didn't have the room. Getting my few bits of work done each week, looking after the pup, making time to rest and watching the changes to my body was well and truly enough.

What I also found interesting, was that once I found out about becoming a mum, a lot of the other things I'd be rushing to do or cram into my life just kind of dropped away.

I became really quite content knowing that this year was about our little family growing and that the other things that I'd like to do (be it study, travel, start new enterprises) - well they'll all happen at some point, but I don't need to think about it for now.

Not that it happened instantly - I do distinctly remember a conversation with Kylie where I was saying about feeling like maybe I need to be doing more (be it study, starting up ideas I'd had, etc) and she said the best thing...

Jess, growing a baby is enough for this year!!!

But I think this has now given me a reference point...knowing our little one comes into the world late this year then sort of plots out the timing for a few other things. And it'll all unfold when its supposed to.

Trust...everything happens at the right time

Boy oh boy, was this one that got tested the past few years. Exhibit a) was wondering when on earth it was finally going to be the right time for us to become parents!

This year, I've become a lot more relaxed about timing in general, holding onto my belief that everything happens exactly when its supposed to, and that the Universe always, always brings us what's best for us.

It's affected the little things, eg not stressing if I'm going to be a little late for an appointment - I'll get there at the perfect time. And who knows why I need to be there then?!

Also knowing that we'll keep getting the clues we need to move forward with what we're doing.

Oh and another big thing was trusting I'd made the right decision to leave work...and then, that work will keep flowing in.

And it was, and it has!

The other big part of trust this year has been trusting myself and my intuition. Bodywise, this has meant going with what I feel like eating and doing, knowing that body and beebee know what they need. Took some getting used to, but hey - why fight it if you want to eat chocolate!!!!

Also I've become soooo much better at trusting the little intuitive nudges and ideas I get - and I've been doing pretty well to act on them, even if I don't know where it's all leading to!

Live in the now

This is definitely the best thing that Lola has taught me this year - yep I've now got a pup as a teacher too!

Anyone with a dog (or any animal really) will know that they only live in the now, they don't know any other way.

So Lola coming onto the scene was perfect for me, because she reminded me so many times to just focus on whats happening in this instant.

That and we've had lots of fun this year, playing in the now!!

It's all about balance

Again, the whole reason I made the decision to leave my job last year was to find more balance in my life and as it turns out, I've managed to achieve that!

I went to an Ayurveda appointment a month or so ago to check in and find out about the Ayurvedic approach to being pregos is...and the dude was most impressed that my doshas were all so in balance. Look at me go!

It's definitely what I credit for my current situation...for me, I think being able to bring my body and mind into a pretty good state before I became pregnant has lead to having an awesome time of it.

No morning sickness (which has made many friends want to kick me!) and none of the other side effects a lot of other people get...just feeling balanced and if anyone asks me how I'm feeling/going, I can honestly say 'I'm excellent'!!.

So getting back to balance, I'm doing pretty well with the work part and rest...although as I've found this last month, I do need to remember that while I'm in the glory stage of being preggas (aka 2nd trimester and start of 3rd) where you have the most energy - there's still a lot going on inside and I do need to make time to rest each day!

My focus at the moment is just weaving a bit more play back in, which I include as doing things that make me smile and light me up inside.

Just like this blog!

So yes, you will be seeing more of me on here which I'm quite excited about. I really haven't done much writing at all this year for myself personally - it's turned out to be a year of dealing with things as they occur by thinking or speaking about them.

But I still heart words in a big way, so I'm back baby!!!

PS I love this pic of Lola - I was playing around with my new fandangled Digital SLR and she walked right up to the lens...huh, what's all this about?!