Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm excited and inspired!

And I just wanted to share that!

It seems like my blogs for a while have been all about fixing something that's wrong or me feeling like a sad sack.

Well at the moment - I am literally buzzing with energy! 

I've had a great morning so far - yummy, healthy breakfast, yoga outside in the breeze (or winds of change I was thinking!!) and beautiful sunshine, caught the last part of a Sonia Choquette live call (I love her!), brainstormed about how I can create a better work/life balance...and it's only 11.11!

So what's inspiring me...

Change is in the air!

  • My kerplunk-a-thon has brought up a bunch of stuff that I can work and change - for the better!
  • And the best part is - I'm really ready to change and take action!

New beginnings are here...

  • Like I said - I've been brainstorming about how best to balance work and life, and I'm looking forward to putting that into place shortly.
  • I've also been brainstorming about what it is that I want to do...with my career, Live.Love.Grow., life in general - and that's so much fun! No quicker way to amp yourself up than to spend 10-15 minutes focused purely on what you love doing and things that make you happy!

I'm surrounded by fantastic support!

  • Be it my ever loving and supportive husband Nathan who is always there for me and helps me no end!
  • My fantastic circle of friends who are always ready and willing to listen to me ramble without judgment and offer great advice!
  • The McEachen famblee who let me be me and are only a phone call / email / car trip or plane flight away!
  • Hayhouse Radio - boy has it given me some great and timely advice of late!
  • Not to mention Divine guidance, there's been a stack of that of late too!

I'm on the path to living my life purpose 

  • I'm literally busting with ideas at the moment, and one of my goals at the moment is bringing it all together into one spot - one of the fun tasks I've got today.
  • Then it's all about picking the things I want to do and taking it one exciting or challenging step at a time.
  • Yes I'm a little bit afraid - but I'm also filled with excitement about putting my hand up and saying 'yep, I'm ready to do this...I'm ready to be different...make that I'm ready to be ME'!

We're making our house, our home...

  • In the last week, we've pulled down the pergola and cut down a couple of trees, so it's aloha backyard and brand spanking new verandah that is coming soon (good thing we know someone who can put it up!)
  • Not to mention putting the primer on the walls so it's bye bye big bird (I know you loved the yellow walls Mum, but it's time for a change - he he!!)

So it's all happiness, flowers, sunshine, butterflies, lady bugs and rainbows here!!!

I Googled rainbows and got this - pretty close I think to summing this sentiment up perfectly don't you think!

Love to you all!

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