Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not the only one...

By the way - a quick add-on to "The plot thickens" where it suddenly dawned on me that I'd completely forgotten the most important part about affirmations...

I was listening to Hayhouse radio on the way home yesterday when the guest at the time said...
"You can't stop at an affirmation - you have to take action to change the behaviour.
 That's the step that everyone forgets.
It took me 20 years to figure that out - I was the affirmation queen!"

I just laughed as I scribbled it down at the stop light - and thought yay for me, I'm so glad it didn't take me 20 years!!

Now the trick is to keep remembering!!! Well as they say - repetition always helps, so here goes...


  1. What action are you taking then?

  2. Very good question Grace! I'll be very mysterious and say all will be revealed...ha ha, what I really mean is blogs to come on just that!

  3. I just recently found that when I make an affirmation like: I am resilient. I ask how am I resilient after that and list at least 5 ways I am resilient. I find that helps with me becoming resilient.

  4. That's a great idea - thank you my anonymous commenter!