Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting back into the habit...

No I haven't changed my name to Whoopi, and I don't plan on donning a Nun's get-up any time soon!

What I am doing is pressing the restart button on the habit of writing my blog after a week's holiday (much needed and much loved!).

Admittedly, part of me just wanted to let this fall by the wayside - that's the part that at times just wants to hide in a corner, or slip under the radar and live a mediocre existence!

Then I thought of how happy and excited I feel when I write - and clearly that side won out!

I have to say - when it comes to projects, I love the brainstorming and the planning...and then when it comes to doing it, I get excited to begin with, but tend to lose steam after a while and want to move on to the next exciting idea!

My fabulous friend Kylie told me that she thinks it's great that I can always come up with new ideas - many people don't have any ambition to change or improve their lives.

I definitely hadn't thought it about it like that!

And while I don't want to stop my excitement over brainstorming and planning - I think it's time to grow up a bit in the project department, and not quit or jump around as soon as I've kicked it off.

I guess it's about being happy where I am, and not constantly looking for the grass that's greener - I've got a lovely shade of emerald right under my feet!

So my new approach (complete with it's own affirmation of course!) is...

I relish all stages of a project...the dreaming...the infancy...the maturation...and the natural end!

And by the way - welcome to 2011 and a big happy new year to you!

Aaahhhhh....that feels better!!!

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