Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out!

I felt the need for a double header (that seems to happen when I've had a glum post), so here 'tis.

One great part of my day - I got to sleep in and only ended up at work at 11.30!

Why? Well I'm now cycling royalty. 

Ok, not really - but I did partake in a photo taking bonanza this morning for the local Messenger, as they're going to be putting in a story next week about Ride Like Crazy, and I'm the pin-up girl for it!

To fill in the gaps - Ride Like Crazy is a charity cycling event now in it's 3rd year and is all about raising money for cancer research.

Nathan & I took part last year and it was an amazing experience. Yes it was great to finish the 53kms (and no I didn't have to get off and push my bike up a hill once!), but the best part of it was the atmosphere...the excitement and goodwill that abounded was just phenomenal.

And the fact that we did our part to help raise over $160,000 for 2 great charities wasn't bad either!

Anyway, back to why I'm getting my mug in the paper...Police Credit Union is again sponsoring this fantastic event to the tune of 10,000 big ones, and so when our PR company wanted to add a human element to our press release, I turned out to be a great example.

Having lost Grandma, Nanna & Uncle Melvyn to the big C, and only recently had one of my best friends go through the trauma of getting a malignant skin cancer removed - yes I really do have a personal reason to be involved in this event, and more than enough motivation to get up those Adelaide Hills inclines.

I think 2011 is going to be a big year for me in the charity sphere - it's something that strikes a real chord with me a. And it's just so easy to do.

Speaking of which - if you are interested in donating to a great cause, head to

Or if you're going to be in Adelaide on January 16th and want to take part - it's not too late to register!

And have fun giggling at these photos - it was a funny morning posing in 1,700 different ways and riding back and forth to get the action shots!

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