Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's always someone worse off than you...

Ain't that the truth.

It's something my Nanna used to always say - even in the final months of her life when she was dying of cancer, was essentially blind and had a few other conditions on her list.

It inspired me so much then, and still does today.

I heard the same sentence on the radio this morning, and it was when I got to work that it truly hit home because I had a real-life example.

I don't watch or listen to the news - I really don't like the negative slant it gives on the world. I'd much rather be blissfully ignorant!

But the QLD floods isn't something you can ignore.

When I got to work this morning - a workmate said something about it, and not knowing the full extent I went online and saw the story and photos of Toowoomba. Tonight I watched the 7.30 report and was just gobsmacked by the extent of it.

Isn't it just incredible.

And more to the point, doesn't it help you to get your life in perspective and to remember to count your blessings each and every day. 

As I wrote in a previous blog post - I don't doubt that each person's own set of issues are important to them and their life's evolution. But when faced with something like this, I take a breath and think 'my life really is great, I have nothing to complain about'.

I was really moved by one older lady who was interviewed, standing almost knee deep in water with just the clothes on her back and a small bag.

In the same breath as she said she'd had no time to grab anything as she left leave her house, she said in a fairly upbeat tone 'It's not a problem because we're alive. And there's some that aren't.'

Wow, what a fantastic perspective to have.

To all of the people in QLD who have witnessed the worst firsthand or have been in any way affected by this phenomenal last few days - my heart and prayers go out to you.

And boy am I glad to live where I live, and to have the life that I have.

Love to all my family and friends, I'm glad you're all healthy, happy and safe xxooxx

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