Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now is the only moment you'll ever have...

This single sentence stopped me in my tracks a while back while I was listening to Wayne Dyer.

Just think about it for a is the only moment you'll ever have.

Everything you've ever done happened in the present moment, and everything in your future will also happen in the present moment.

A sentiment I've heard echoed by Louise Hay  - adding that now is the only moment you have any power over.

And it's so true - you can't live in the past or present, you can only live right here, right now. (Make that it is funny, but I'll stop!)

It's the only moment you have any power or control over, the only moment you can do something with.

So the big question is - why do we do use up our precious now living in the past, worrying about what we should have done or dwelling on the person who did wrong by us??

Particularly when we can't change it!

Not to mention worrying about what's going to happen in the future, when we can only live that out once it happens! 

And invariably it's different to what we imagine! I love the quote attributed to Artie Pine by Wayne Dyer...

"A lot of awful things have happened to me in my life, some of which have actually occurred".

In terms of living in the past, it's definitely been a great lesson for me of late because I've had a couple of old memories come to the surface that still had quite a bit of emotion tied to them unbeknownst to me!

I was thinking about writing what the memories are, but then I realised that'd just add fuel to the fire and keep them living.

As my wonderful friend and soul sister Kylie said to me pointblank...

The past is over and done. 

I can celebrate it for what it's taught me. I can learn from my mistakes and use the knowledge I've gained to shape my future.

But until someone invents time travel, I can't change it or erase it.

To add to that, Dr Mona Lisa Schulz puts it very succinctly when she says...

You don't need to remove anything from your life, you just need to remove your interpretation of it.

The image I often get when I'm letting go of an old memory is a bookshelf behind me...not too dissimilar to the background on my blog page I've just realised!

And each moment of the past is written down in different volumes, some bigger than others.

I don't need to remain connected to any of the pages in order for the books to exist. I can shut the books and leave them there on the shelf, ready to be picked up and flicked through if need be.

As Louise Hay mentions in You Can Heal Your Life, you can release any emotional attachment you have to the past and allow memories to just be memories.

Remembering that you wore a blue dress in year 3 can doesn't usually conjure up a strong emotion, and it can be like that for all past events.

And it is possible for you to change your interpretation, you just have to take the time to change your thoughts about it. (And have patience, because sometimes it takes a while to overwrite the old pattern or actually drill down to what is actually bothering you about it!)

I can vouch for that well and truly because it's exactly where I am now. I know I've released these issues and changed the way I interpret them because there's no emotion attached. I just feel lovely and light!

I've been hearing more and more lately that it's not the experience itself, but the meaning we attach to experiences or events that governs the impact they have on their lives. Two people can experience the exact same thing, yet take it in 2 very different directions.

I'll get back to not living in the future another day, but for now remember...

The point of power is always in the present moment - the only moment you ever have. 

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  1. Everybody handles the past differently and we all have to do what works for us. I followed the teachings of all those wise ones for many years, but to me it felt like an intellectual way of dealing with an emotional issue. It didn't work in the long term. It was a bit like sweeping mess under the carpet till the bump got so big I couldn't get around it.

    Whether we like it or not, the past does impact our present. They key is whether it does so unconsciously or consciously. As soon as we become aware of it, we have a choice - that's when we have power.

    Sometimes wounds heal of their own accord and that's great. However sometimes they require some intervention for the healing to occur. In such instances, I'm afraid that saying "it's the past, get over it" just doesn't cut it. It's a bit like someone who has broken a bone that hasn't healed properly and continues to live life limping. In such instances, I will always opt to fix the break and continue life without the limp. Both choices impact the present. I prefer life without limping.

    You will find your way. So long as it works, it works.

    Grace xx

    Find out what works for you... and let go.