Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to get back on the horse!

I was thinking this as I was walking up my driveway just now, that I really need to write a blog post tonight and get back on the horse because it's been too long.

Then literally, just as I finished thinking it - in the distance a horse neighed!!!

So really, how could I say nay to that kind of encouragement!! Ha!

The last week or so has been an interesting one - I've been following an old pattern of trying desperately to finish off things and start new ones at the same time...without much success in either arena.

Well that's bollocks really - I'm definitely getting somewhere with cleaning and organising our house...I've gotten rid of a whole bunch of stuff (anyone who's come to our house hasn't walked out empty handed!!)...and am pretty close to having everything sorted.

And I suppose from a mental perspective I've done a fair bit of housecleaning too - noticing some old patterns that I need to chuck out and replace, or just give a good polish to. Not to mention that I've had a stack of kerplunk know the ones when the ball suddenly drops!

I guess the part that's irritating me because it's all taking longer than I expected and I just want to be done!

I'm itching to get to the new stuff!!

When I've got certain things I feel I need to finish before I start anything new...all the new ideas start to build up, and I feel a little bit overwhelmed and like I don't know what to do next, and I've got all this stuff to do and not enough time to do it, and if only the world would just stop for a moment and let me catch up...!!!

Hence why I'm getting a build up on my chest at the moment - because I've been feeling like it's all piling up on top of me.

The antidote? Get organised! 

The only surefire way I've found to counteract this is to write it all down and get a bit of a plan happening...once it's on paper in front of me, I quickly realise that I don't actually have that much to do, and I've got plenty of time to do it.

That and I need to remind myself that it's ok if not everything gets done right this minute. It'll all happen just as it's supposed to.

But then what am I missing out on if I stop to plan?! 

Welcome to the tennis game I've got going on...often unbeknownst to me unless I stop to pay attention to what I'm really thinking. Or my body lets me know...exhibit a, the heavy chest.

Here's a photo of our spare room floor at the looks like a big fat mess, but I've already put a bunch of stuff away so I know I'm getting somewhere and it won't be long until it's all clear.

And I think that's a pretty good analogy for my life right now.

There's a lot on the sorting pile at the moment - and it's all becoming clearer by the moment.

I just need to focus on it being clear, not the state it's in right now!

Just another great example of needing to focus on what you want...not what you have, or don't have as the case may be!

Ahhhhh, feels good to be back.....

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