Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Well here it is – my very first blog post!
It’s a really interesting thing for me doing this – part of me is so excited about the thought of sharing my experiences, lessons and finds…then there’s the other part that’s saying ‘nah, don’t worry about it’ and is happy to let it slide past as a good idea that never came to fruition.
Fortunately I’m choosing to listen to the first part!
Why is it called ‘so meanwhile‘? 
Well for those who I speak to or email will hear/read this a lot!
I love my tangents, and it’s usually prefaced with ‘so meanwhile, did I tell you about…’ 
And that’s essentially the basis of this blog.
The way I see it – my journey of healing and discovery has just been a whole bunch of connecting the dots and sychronistic moments.
I love those aha moments you get when you put 2 pieces of the puzzle together, or get on to a new book, healer or even just a conversation that just fits perfectly with what you need to learn, do, know.
And this is what I want to share, in the hope that it can be of use to someone else…or a friend of theirs.
Because my mission in life as I see it…
“To help others heal from the inside out”
So let’s see how I go!

I realise that this post doesn't make a world of sense, but I know this will quickly take shape.
And like I said…every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

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