Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keep on passing until the music stops...

Let me just start by saying - I love Louise Hay! (You'll here more about this love I can assure you!!)

She all but revolutionised my whole way of thinking about 4 years ago with the simplest of statements - you can choose your thoughts.

Why was that so important?

Well at the time, I was desperately looking for the next step to take in my recovery from the cranking anxiety that had peaked a couple of years prior.

Thanks to Mum, I'd found Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and had gone part the way to unravelling my thought patterns, but I needed something more.

And voila, the universe brought me my fabulous Naturopath/Spiritual Guide Di Goulding (thank you mum again!) and in turn led me to picking up Louise Hay in her waiting room.

Anyway back to anxiety... in my experience, the defining feature is automatic thinking - not to mention circular thinking.

The thoughts just go around and around and around and around and seem to have a mind of their own - you feel powerless to do anything about them, and just hope like hell that they'll stop and take the fear and whole host of other symptoms with it.

So for someone to tell me I could control that, well it was nothing short of life saving.

Anyway, I'll get onto more of that at a later date.

The point of my story here though is that she mentions in her book "You can heal your life" is that any time you find a new habit or dis-ease to deal with - treat it like a gift.

Well it dawned on me last week, that essentially it's like playing pass the parcel.

Each of the 'gifts' that I've been given in my it the anxiety, my 'minda elbow' or the old beliefs I've held onto since childhood that don't actually serve me...haven't occurred in separate locations or have been external to myself - they're all part of me!

So instead of viewing them as separate things, I've decided to look at it as playing pass the parcel. Which, just quietly, is still one of my favourite games!!!

I've said so many times that since I started on this journey of self-discovery, my life has been all about peeling back the layers.

So you'll understand why this was a big kerplunk moment for me!

Because each time the music stops, and I unwrap another layer (usually beautifully decorated with outdated beliefs or old thought patterns I didn't even know I had!) there is an absolute gem of a present waiting for me.

And I add it to the collection and become that little bit wiser, stronger, healthier and happier.

Oh, and the other benefit of unwrapping the layers - you get that little bit closer to your true self.

I love it!

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