Sunday, December 19, 2010

Overdoing is fear in disguise...

Oh how very sneaky of you fear!!!

This message came through to me loud and clear yesterday when I pulled the 'Exhaustion - Divine Helpers' card from Sonia Choquette's 'Ask your guides' oracle cards.

I'll get to my love/obsession with oracle cards another day - they even have them as iPhone apps now, ooohhh...

It definitely made sense to me - I've running on overload for the past week. My to-do lists have been a testament to that - I've had to do EVERYTHING and TODAY!!!!

Which of course has been physically impossible! I've had that familiar little anxious feeling creep in any time I either think about my list, write it down or look at it - really, it's been just a fear of either not getting everything done, or what will someone else think if I don't don't do everything I said I would. Interesting!

So what was my message for the day...STOP!!!

Rest for a change! You don't have to be doing something every second of the day!

So instead of reading a book at the hairdresser yesterday (because that would have been an efficient use of my time!) I put my book and highlighter away and I just sat.

That's it. Talked occasionally, but mainly just sat and breathed.

What a novel idea!

And it was just what I needed. Today I'm working out what do I need to do today. And then leaving the rest.

So if you feel you're overdoing it - ask yourself, what am I afraid of? And occasionally - give yourself permission to do nothing.

Another great tip for staying grounded and not running at full-pace all day long came out of a great article called 'Do you know how to relax' by Sonia Choquette (which I came across yesterday as well, yes relaxing truly was a recurring theme!)...

I’ve read that the Dalai Lama is very mindful of the importance of keeping a sensible pace so he can live in the spirit of love everyday. One time a reporter asked him how he remains so calm, so grounded, and so loving when his life can be so stressful and demanding.
He paused, gave the question some serious thought, and then answered, “I leave early for appointments.” 

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